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He believed he was a good person.

He was good and he was bad! He was a bad person as his evil alter ego didn’t repent or accepted responsibility for his crimes and ways of life. Quickly the special attention he pays me became intoxicating. Then I saw the pain! His mirroring and his dark mood, and next all his flying monkeys appeared. One thing I couldn’t pass by was his vindictiveness  … Continue readingHe believed he was a good person.


Why do I have to cry on this day every year? Having held you tight in my arms the day you were born, sharing your breath and felling your soft baby flesh, while listening to your calm heart beating next to mine, made me cry. You were so tiny, so loving and such a beautiful little baby-boy. Then God robbed me of your love at a time, were I never would expect it. … Continue readingON THE DAY I LOST YOU FOREVER

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