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Greetings, and welcome to today’s Author News 29 March 2021

M. L. Stark is on the Kate Delaney – America Tonight Show

I am so proud of having the honour of being interviewed by Kate Delaney for the America Tonight Show. It was so awesome.

During the American Tonight Radio interview, Kate Delaney asked; ‘How many people do you think can deal with the way you did while living with a psychopath?”

‘I honestly don’t know. Dealing with a psychopath is an arduous task to deal with,’ I answer.

We really talked a lot about my books, about mentally and physically abuse. And why I had written about a true-life experience talking about dating a psychopath. 

How many people can relate to such a true story about dating a psychopath? I am sure many can. Did you know there are 4% psychopaths around the world and 3% are men? It is true.

Kate Delaney Radio Interview will air Wednesday 21st April 2021 from 9pm to midnight Pacific Time / 5am UK time.

It frightened me.

We talked about how I frightened about my life living with him. At first, I lived on cloud nine the first year or one-and-half-year. Subsequently, the horror slowly sneaked its way into the relationship. In fact, the books drip of emotional abuse and about uncertainty I’ve lived through under the control of a psychopath. With self-esteem, self-worth, and everything at stake, I portrayed the brutal and painful truth.

“Do you know how it is to be with a psychopath.” I asked her. 

“How they think––if they actually think.” 

My experience with the narcissist I was in love with mostly showed that he did not care, and never worried about me. He had no empathy, because he was only thinking about himself, himself, himself.

“What do you want the readers can take with them?” Kate asked.

Of course we also talked about all the revengeful measures that followed afterwards from the psychopath and his new victim.  

To sum up, the series presents a story that’s fairly common. We discussed the strengths of empathetic people that a psychopath lack.

Kate Delaney is an author to several books.

Forbes published her latest business book: Deal Your Own Destiny, Increase Your Odds, Win Big and Become Extraordinary. 

Kate Delaney is an award-winning National broadcast personality who has interviewed over 16,000 people in twenty-years in her radio and television career. She picked up a Television Emmy for her special report on the AIDS epidemic in New Mexico and several Golden Mics for a series on immigration. She has broadcasted everywhere from the slums of Guayaquil, Ecuador to a whale-watching boat in Maui, Hawaii. America Tonight also broadcasts from Washington, D.C. 

Thank you for a great show.

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.

Dalai Lama

Thank you very much Kate Delaney for believing in me, and having me on your fantastic show.

Author: M. L. Stark

I am M. L. Stark, and within the pages of "HUGGER MUGGER: The Con Man Smile" and "MAZE AFLAME: Flimflam Man," I pour out the fiery essence of my very soul. These books are not just ink on paper; they are the embodiment of my triumph over the darkest shadows of my past. Through the flickering flames of adversity, I have risen, crafting tales that echo the resilient beat of my heart. Every word penned is a testament to the strength I discovered within myself, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I have dared to bare my scars, to expose the rawness of my wounds, for I know that in sharing my journey, I offer hope to those who may tread a similar path. And as I close each chapter, I am reminded of the immortal words of Bob Marley: "The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her." These words resonate within me, fueling my passion to shine a light on the darkness, to empower those who have been wronged, and to stand as a beacon of love and resilience in a world that too often seeks to extinguish the flames of hope. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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