Important not only for survivors of abuse! A lifelike and straightforward telling about living with what I at first experienced as a fascinating man until he appeared as a deceitful opponent. This is about how a psychopath gains power by doing safe/unsafe in an interaction. He wants you to see him as a perfect person, but behind his mask, he shows as a venomous snake when he abuses others. Realistic and skinless honest books.

How a psychopath gains power by doing safe/unsafe in a cooperation.

He wants me to see him as the world’s most impeccable gentleman. So is he as enchanting as he appears? Or is he an insincere enemy?

He always went to a great length with his efforts to portray himself as perfect, merely to his own advantage. However, in fact, let me be realistic and skinless honest. He was not a perfect character. The fella lied, then plundered and bamboozled me and his connections before he would sack people in the trash.

Yet, I dared to challenge my narcissistic boyfriend, and it truly unleashed his fury! I revealed everything about the egomaniac, so now he knows his image is at stake when I subjected his identity to scrutiny. Then he went into a severe panic! He thought his best play was to pull out everything he had in his arsenal to shift negative allegations to the person who exposed any imperfection made by the narcissist. His seduction is so cunning that it is more than enough. He wants you to see him as a perfect person.

Nevertheless, the many great reviews of the realistic and skinless honest narrative of being a survivor of abuse say more than enough! I wish you a great reading.

Awesome reader comments and reviews on Xlibris, Amazon, Waterstones, and many others.

Thank you very much for the many 4 and 5 star reviews. I am so glad you all enjoyed the book.

Book on moss of Hugger Mugger: The Con Man Smile, by M. L. Stark


I hope things are going well. And many read and learn during this fiasco. Thank you for your contribution to educating people. Your subject matter exposes a big problem in today’s relationships. Hope you reach many. Stay safe!! —Eric Jones – 8the April 2020

Thanks Stark! I’m not a fiction reader but it sounds like your book keeps people on the edge of their seat! Writing is so therapeutic!! Thanks for the friend request —Nicki McFarland 

User reviews on Google Books

Readers reviews


Let us be realistic and skinless honest.

Intriguing, fraudulent antagonist and a heart-breaking story. 
I couldn’t put the book away so after a few days I had read the entire story. A real page-turner. Full of double-dealing and lies as Drake’s narcissistic manipulation is apparently what he does best as there are several ways he is projecting traits he possesses to Mary. Shocking reading in the first instalment. Doctor Drake is An Arrogant, complete self-absorbed antagonist with a total lack of empathy for others. Epic entitlement and insatiable greed.

The protagonist, Mary does everything for her narco-zombie she is madly in love with while he is love bombing her. He uses her weakness because she is hooked. Quickly she gets under his controlling behaviour. Drake knows she is the empathetic, loving, kind and generous person she is and want to do anything to make him happy. So, he sees how far he can go with it. It’s all a game to him.

Love of her money is bigger, which means power and control over her. I’m shocked how he preys upon women for his own gain, telling he is a successful doctor and he successfully is GASLIGHTNING. He clearly succeeds to play the victim and accuse Mary and others of their wrongdoing. Mary should get rid of such a parasite, who has a complete lack of self-awareness and live by his idealised facade of himself. The antagonist is a very damaged and dangerous man. 

The author describes the motions and abuse very well and has a knack of telling what kind of a “Lounge Room Lizard” Drake is and how her feelings suffer from the narcissistic conduct of his. Many victims can benefit from the story to understand their own emotions being in an abusive relationship. 

I can highly recommend the book of this first-time author of her debut book. It’s fascinating and a must-read, depicting close to real-life events. I wonder if this is a true story. I’m looking very much forward to read the next instalment of this newbie author. Well done 

Red rose

It seems like an excellent book and I am certainly interested in reading it! Thanks for sharing. -Noel Rhode

Fascinating to learn that psychopaths choose outgoing, high-achieving, sensitive and altruistic women because they love to crush strong people, writes KC Poitras in a review.

It sounds like a book I’d probably not put down till I finished it! —Lea Ann Hanum – 1st March 2020

Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

This book sparked more re-evaluation by me than any other book I've read. Cannot wait to get my hands on Book 2 - Amazon Review
Betrayal and heartbreaking thriller. A solid read to all who suffer in a toxic and abusive relationship
Book review
An amazing story that keeps you wanting more. Realistic and skinless honest. Amazon Book Review. Survivors of abuse.

This book tends to really make you realize that there is more to life than be blinded by a sad reality that you are loved. You tend to give your all but betrayals and deceptions are just around the corner. 

ML Stark has proven that you do not need to be a renowned author in order for you to get the respect of the readers. While the topic is a little sensitive, Hugger Mugger will surely leave you desiring the book in its fullest content. Let us all be realistic. Sometimes we get so blinded with the idea of falling in love.

Mary was fresh from a not so good relationship with his ex husband. The psychopath pretended to be there. Now, who will not fall for such trap when the psycopath was really goodlooking? The book is burning with so much desire. I am waiting for the other books. Although part of me is wishing that an audio book format will be done also. To the author, I have been a follower. I chose to comment here because I would rather want to be anonymous. You’ve done such amazing job! But is this really a work of fiction?

—Jeri Frank

The book HUGGER MUGGER, written by M.L. Stark, is an incredible, honest and detailed story about how a psychopath catches a vulnerable woman in his net. 

It provides a very realistic and skinless honest picture of their relationship in the beginning. The psychopath exploits her momentary weakness only to get hold of her money.  He gradually worked way into her life with calculating, controlling and charming – three typical characteristics for a psychopath.  It is a very unique history.  There is no doubt that the book gives a very realistic picture of the relationship between a vulnerable woman and a psychopath.

Unfortunately I have to wait to hear about their life together until the next book. However the book can easily be read independently but I look forward to the next one. One of the things that adds value to the book is that the author adds the comments she has today to the whole incident while also drawing attention to the red lamps that were already bright at that time – even if she chose to overlook them. But now it is at warning to the reader. Along with her many comments on his behavior, the reader is given good guidance in spotting a psychopath.

The book has a nice cover and is easy to read.  The quotes at the beginning of each chapter lift the book and are very well chosen. Thanks to the author for the warnings and red flashing lights. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your honesty, it will benefit many. Now I´m looking forward to book number two. —Hanne Holst Rasmussen

Savage or rancorous people do exist!

Meaning, who are those people with so much spitefulness? Realistic and skinless honest. They hate you so much that they absolutely have to bite you with their venomous teeth!
Angry female emoticon

Who is the author ml stark?

The same woman, who made a youtube video for everyone to see – after the breakup in 2015 with ‘Drake’. Pictures and text below tells quite a different story, than her book ‘Burning Desire’. The video contains lots and lots of pictures of the two of them together, while a lovesong is playing for 5 minutes+.  

The video was remowed from youtube in october 2019, after the Danish Patient Safety Agency was told to take a look at it, because the woman had written a letter of concern to the authorities regarding the man, she claimed caused danger to his patients with predatory sexual advances. The latter was later proved most likely to be false allegations by letters of more than 600 patients to the same authorities. Their experiences is disaproving her alligations.

—Marlene Lauritzen     August 27, 2020 at 7:00 am

Realistic and skinless honest.. A psychopath gains power by doing safe/unsafe in an interaction.
Love and Betrayal! Her love of the evil Doctor. Survivors of abuse. Amazon Book Review.
M. L. Stark's story is a good guide of how to avoid a psychopath. It's written friendly and caring and gives a lot of practical advice. Amazon Book Review.

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