Fantasy and Reality

Fantasy and reality, what to choose? Unlocking the border between fact and truth is a complex and subjective concept. While it may be difficult to pinpoint its exact location, it is generally understood that fantasy refers to the realm of the imagination, where things that are not possible in reality can exist. Reality, on the other hand, refers to the actual world and the things that can be observed and experienced.It is important to note that the border between fable and real life can often be blurred, as elements of fiction can be found in reality through myths, legends, and even dreams.

When it comes to fiction and its worlds, many argue that they offer a certain level of satisfaction, freedom, creativity, and indulgence that reality may lack. In fantasy worlds, one can escape the limitations and constraints of the fact in the world, allowing for a greater sense of liberation and enjoyment. Fantasy stories and settings also provide a canvas for boundless creativity, enabling authors and readers alike to explore new ideas and possibilities that may not exist in reality. So how to choose between fantasy and reality?

Imagination or realism

Furthermore, imagination holds a unique power in terms of communication. Through literature, film, or other forms of storytelling, imagination can transport us into the minds of characters, allowing us to experience their thoughts, emotions, and perspectives. This ability to empathise and connect with fictional characters on a deep level is a testament to the power of imagination, as it can bridge the gap between different individuals and cultures.

In fact, research shows that fantasy is more effective than nonfiction at changing our views about people different from ourselves. Of course, the primary aim of a fabrication is to entertain and inspire all those who read it. Also, it’s an escape from the reality, a window to a different world. 

In conclusion, while the exact border between fantasy and reality may remain elusive, the appeal of fiction and imagination cannot be denied. Fictional worlds offer a sense of satisfaction, freedom, creativity, and indulgence that reality may struggle to provide. Imagination, with its ability to immerse us in the minds of others, offers a unique form of communication that can be transformative and enriching. So, by unlocking the border between fantasy and reality, let the metamorphose begin.

Are you ready for a fable or fact?

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling intersection by unlocking the border between fantasy and reality? You might wonder: can fiction truly unveil the truths of our world? Well, get ready for an electrifying journey, because what I’m about to reveal might just shock you.

Picture this: a world where the lines between reality and fantasy blur, where the unbelievable becomes undeniably real. In my own tale, I wish it were all just a figment of imagination, but alas, reality can be stranger than fiction.

Now, as you delve into my story, prepare to decipher between what’s purely fictional and what’s grounded in the raw, unfiltered truth. Because while fiction must adhere to logic, life often throws us curveballs that defy all reasoning.

So buckle up, dear reader, as we embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of actual existence. Are you brave enough to confront the enigma of why it all happened?

She can’t refuse the allure of a new love.

Of course she fell in love with a psychopath. M. L. Stark’s ‘HUGGER MUGGER’ embroils readers in the real-life story of Mary, who can’t refuse the allure of a new love not grasping if it’s fantasy or reality.

However, she quickly discovers that Doctor Bates isn’t the charming prince he seemed to be. In truth, he turns out to be a cold-blooded psychopath.

It’s a glimpse into this rare life from the victim’s perspective, inspiring one critic to write:

Great book and great plot. Well written and captivating. This book is a real page turner, and it will rock you to the core on so many levels. The story will shock you. I highly recommend this book.

Great book
Reviewed in the United Kingdom
on 24 March 2021 Verified Purchase ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When she fell in love with a psychopath she kept it as her secret in a world of fantasy and reality.
When she fell in love with a psychopath she kept it as her secret.

An intriguing but rambling tale about a woman and a psychopath.

Dating a sociopath

In this story, Mary’s life is a constant struggle as she navigates through the petrifying mess of her surroundings. Her marriage is unfulfilling, with her husband proving to be unfaithful time and time again.

Seeking solace and a fresh start, Mary finds herself drawn to an unnerving sociopath named Doctor Bates. Unbeknownst to her, he is a master manipulator, adept at hiding his true self behind a charming facade. Throughout his life, Doctor Bates has honed his skills in exploitation, theft, and swindling, especially when it comes to love. He has a history of love-scamming many women, leaving them broken and financially devastated.

In this story, the reader witnesses firsthand how Doctor Bates preys on Mary’s vulnerability, manipulating her emotionally and financially to maintain a sense of power over her. This portrayal of manipulation and exploitation is incredibly authentic and impactful, shedding light on the dark side of human nature and the devastating consequences it can have on those who fall victim to it.

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Without delay, Dr Bates eagerly manoeuvres in the early stages to exploit her, having never tied the knot before. He hunts for a woman with prized possessions and a hefty bankroll, ripe for the picking. The more vulnerable, desperate, and gullible she appears, the better for him. Mary becomes his prey as he detects her shattered self-esteem and crippling insecurities. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also uncovers the extent of her wealth, making her an even juicier target.

A Fable Romance

In fact, Dr Bates is making his way into Mary’s psyche and wielding power and fear, attracting her. But little does she know; trusting him ends up being fatal.

Within time, something vastly magical is happening around Dr Bates, and then she begins a passionate love affair with him. At first, their life seems blissful on the outside, but behind his malicious plan, it is chilling.

Ultimately, Dr Bates strikes with his nasty sharp claws into Mary’s vulnerability and misuses her to the last drop. He shows no empathy or remorse as he chillingly torments her until she ends up severely wounded. Given these points, she is like a helpless animal lying in the gutter, as he abandons her in her powerless misery! Why is he doing such horrible things to her?

Trusting him with her fragile life.

Is Mary too blinded with love for Dr Bates? Can’t she see he is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type? Nevertheless, he is consuming her in his dark, shady terror of promises of a better and happier life. 

As the web of deceit tightened around Mary, she felt trapped in Bates’ twisted game. His manipulative tendrils suffocated her, leaving her gasping for freedom. Every step they took on their globe-trotting escapades only deepened her sense of dread.

Ah, Dr Bates, the master of deception, painted a picture of grandeur and wealth, enticing Mary with his promises. But beneath his charming facade lurked a darkness that consumed him. His scams became more elaborate, his lies more intricate, all while Mary unknowingly played her part in his disturbing performance.

But amidst the chaos, a flicker of doubt ignited within Mary’s soul. She questioned the authenticity of Bates’ intentions, the sincerity of his words. She knew deep down that something was amiss, that she was being used as a pawn in his wicked game.

The Allure of Riches and Fame

Yet, the allure of riches and fame clouded her judgment, tempting her to ignore the warning signs. Cash, the currency of her trust, became the fuel for Bates’ twisted ambitions. He painted a mirage of success, blinding her to the truth that lay hidden beneath his charming veneer.

Living under such circumstances, Mary’s life spiraled into a dark abyss. The light of hope dimmed, replaced by the shadows of Dr Bates’ sinister machinations. She yearned for escape, for a way to break free from his clutches and reclaim her identity.

But as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Mary’s resilience grew. She began to see through the cracks in Bates’ carefully constructed facade. She observed the patterns of manipulation, the repetition of deceit. And in that realization, a seed of wisdom was sown.

Mary learned from Dr Bates’ evilness. She discovered the strength within herself to resist his web of lies. No longer blinded by the false promises, she vowed to reclaim her life and protect herself from those who sought to exploit her.

With newfound determination, Mary mustered the courage to confront Dr Bates, to expose his deceptions to the world. The battle for her freedom had begun, and she would not rest until justice was served.

In the end, it was not just Mary who learned from Bates’ evilness. The world watched as the truth unraveled, as the web of deceit collapsed under its own weight. And in that moment, Mary emerged from the ashes, stronger and wiser, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

This is the first part of Hugger Mugger: The Con Man Smile.

It will obsess you!

One critic wrote.
MAZE AFLAME: Flimflam Man – Part 2

Part 2 presents the continuation of the malicious agenda in Doctor Bates’ plan for Mary.

A moment ago, it seemed, it was yesterday full of happiness. Tomorrow it is a matter of survival for Mary, as her life is on the brink of insanity to her Knight in Shining Armor. Loving him was all she ever had. With tears in her eyes, she is watching him disappear with hasty steps as a shadow over the horizon, as if it all was a ghostly dream in Mary’s head.

Later in life, she meets Drake again and unfortunately she becomes a slave in the madness of love. Before Mary notice the dangerous life, she gets deeply trapped in Drake’s dodgy mesh, but it’s too late for her to escape. Fraud, lies, dominance, torment, and the complexity of an abusive relationship grow and will unexpectedly be an unexpected part of Mary’s life. Drake’s sinister betrayal sneaks slowly in as he lures Mary like a ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It will leave you in a trance of shock with its vigorous narrative.

One critic wrote.

“Doctor Bates continue to play his money minded games with Mary. I felt bad for Mary who was in love with Doctor Bates because all she got in return was betrayal, fraud and unlimited lies.”

One critic wrote.
He has a high IQ, above normal.

Ah, on the outside, it seems Dr Bates is loving and has a high IQ, above normal. On the inside, he is a devious psychopath.

Dr Bates’s disregard for self-discipline and respect for obligations, rules, and social norms is astonishing. His speech patterns, constantly repeated, are a chilling web of deceit, while his unpredictable mood swings remain nearly imperceptible.

As the story unravels, it delves into a labyrinth of love, crime, and deception, all orchestrated by Dr. Bates’ grandiose delusions. Mary’s eyes are opened to the true nature of Dr Bates—an insidious, narcissistic manipulator. He’s not just a psychopath, but a malevolent force, draining the life force from others with every calculated move.

“What an amazing writer, this novel is full of suspense and I am still reading it. I love the story and how it’s very well written.”

Another critic wrote.

Mary finds herself ensnared in Dr. Bates’ web of mystery and elaborate schemes, soon to be plunged into a world of love and deceit. On the surface, he appears affectionate and brilliantly intelligent, surpassing ordinary standards. But beneath his charming facade lies the heart of a cunning psychopath.

The mafia in Hong Kong

At a secluded area outside Hong Kong, the mafia attempt to kill Dr Bates. We will follow the two sweethearts in how they try to escape from the difficulties with the Asian Mafia. Not only once, but several times, the two lovebirds are on the run in the shadowy darkness of the night, fleeing as two shifty thieves.

Dr Bates has the flawless ability to bend the facts. It’s always someone else’s fault. That is his best play. No matter what, that’s how it’s done. He is the most dangerous and devious individual that she ever has met.

Mary will experience love, hatred, and deception; however, will she continue to be Bates’ victim in his mystiques and the hefty deceptions he gets during the nights?

You can fool people some of the time, but you can’t fool them all of the time. 

The constant element of unpredictability.

The constant element of unpredictability is massive during the time she knows him. It is never to know what is meant or what he wants. What was good yesterday or is today is often gibberish tomorrow in his mind.

What is happening here is, some people are truly skilled manipulators. Dr Bates appeared mysterious, special, outstanding, and grand. However, such people like him can lie, cheat, and mistreat you. And somehow, they always make it all seem to as it’s all your fault.

The Puppet Master

He is a true Puppet Master dragging her around as a subjugated and scarred dancing Circus Bear in his arena, and he tapped into her senses as few others couldn’t. He is very charming and magnetic and knows precisely how to turn ‘his target on’ towards him. So, she only wants more of him, and wants to explore his magnetic way of being. She must find out what is so special about him…

Little did she know it is not for the better… but for the worse in her life. Some people are truly great manipulators, and it is impressive how they can lie, cheat, treat you badly. And somehow such people manage to make it all seem to like it’s all your fault.

And this is the man she trusts!

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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