The Bright side of life

The Bright side of life even you’re feeling stuck

Greetings, and welcome to today’s Author News 17th March 2020

Do you know how it feels, being stuck in your writing process?

How to feel the bright side of life even you’re stuck in the writing process, is sometime the question for me. My meridian clock tells me I am normally not an early bird, but strangely, the last couple of days I’ve been up earlier than usual. Why? So, what do I do? Morning coffee and a smoke. Thereafter, I shower, wash my hair, get dressed, and am ready to grab the day in my hand. 

Should I continue writing? Oh no, I’m still lacking the momentum. Do you know how it feels, being stuck in your writing process? It’s horrible, even you know you want to write and now I feel so stuck at the end of the pier. I’m lacking momentum, staring at the computer with my next chapter in book number two.

My thoughts are swirling around in my head; it must be all this talk about the coronavirus that’s bothering me. News is coming in on the TV and it’s all about Covid-19, and it’s clear to me it is very serious in UK and for the rest of the world. 

However, will you believe it? Only Montenegro, a Balkan country with rough mountains and with a population of about 630.000, are so far free from the devastating virus, while Covid-19 massively hit the rest of the entire world. I used to live for some years in Montenegro, a stunning and mesmerising country, of which I also have written about in Burning Desire Fades: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes – Part 2. 

Anyhow, my momentum is still lacking, so what do I do instead today? I go shopping! Christ, I’ve never seen such a chaotic world before, realising that all shelves are empty when I enter the supermarket. Nonetheless, I am lucky to get two litres of milk, 6 eggs, some meat, and bread. Will you imagine it? On one shelf, I see 10 packages of toilet paper and 5 packages off kitchen rolls. I grab one of each and are lucky to get 4 rolls of toilet paper and 2 kitchen rolls, and kindly, I of course, leave the rest for others. 

A younger couple are hurryingly passing me and grabs the rest of the toilet paper and kitchen rolls. I’m dumbfounded, and mostly I want to shout at them; shame on you, because they don’t want to give the elderly lady a package when she kindly asks for one package of toilet paper. It almost ended up in some sort of drama in the shop, because the young couple don’t want to share with the other customers. Such greediness!

As I get back to my car, I see the gasoline meter is showing that it’s almost empty, so the next stop is at the nearby gas station. Dam it’s so low for juice, so I must fill up the car entirely and then drive back home and are unpacking all my goods. 

As I glare at my Mac, I crave to write again in my next chapter, but the momentum is still not there. Instead, I sign some of my first edition of Burning Desire—Part 1 and hand over a copy to a friend.

Thereafter, I decide for a walk along the beach. Though the wind is rough, but the sun shines, and is warming up the air to almost 18 degrees. On my way back home, I leave the beach area and stroll through the many green park areas, of which UK is so famous for. We have a lot of small and large Parks everywhere, and surprisingly I perceive the many blooming Spring flowers plus many more are popping up from the soil. I realize despite the horrifying time we are looking at; the life-cycle is going on, then get overly joyful and shoot some pictures of the many white, blue, and yellow spring flowers.

In my mind, I get a pleasant feeling, then plant my butt on a nearby bench and start writing about what I did today. Maybe this is my new momentum to continue my writing, so I saw positive on the horrifying things we experience at the moment in the entire world. As Monty Python once sang: Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the video with Monty Python – The Bright side of life.

Author: M. L. Stark

I am M. L. Stark, and within the pages of "HUGGER MUGGER: The Con Man Smile" and "MAZE AFLAME: Flimflam Man," I pour out the fiery essence of my very soul. These books are not just ink on paper; they are the embodiment of my triumph over the darkest shadows of my past. Through the flickering flames of adversity, I have risen, crafting tales that echo the resilient beat of my heart. Every word penned is a testament to the strength I discovered within myself, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I have dared to bare my scars, to expose the rawness of my wounds, for I know that in sharing my journey, I offer hope to those who may tread a similar path. And as I close each chapter, I am reminded of the immortal words of Bob Marley: "The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her." These words resonate within me, fueling my passion to shine a light on the darkness, to empower those who have been wronged, and to stand as a beacon of love and resilience in a world that too often seeks to extinguish the flames of hope. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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