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Greetings, and welcome to today’s Author News 2 February 2021

What was the biggest thing I changed about myself after being in a relationship with a psychopath? 

What was the biggest thing I changed about myself after I realised all the RED FLAGS I had overruled and how could I could sniff out a deceiver?

When, I for the first meet others, I am now very careful, so I don’t believe in what others tell me. Then, I sit back and wait for them to show me integrity or watch if they are a double-crosser.

I no longer care of what he or others think about me. If they like me as I am, well, that’s great! If not, I don’t care.

Let’s make the sun jealous

When I met my new boyfriend; he left his previous girlfriend only to be with me.

Within a few weeks, he claimed to be deeply in love with me and spoke about an alliance, then made me an offer of marriage. He grasped nothing. For God’s sake, I was still married! Christ, what was he thinking?

Suddenly, he wanted to move in with me within a matter of a few weeks. But everything he said was a lie. I saw not the RED FLAGS.

My new lover asked me a lot of personal questions, and later, he used them against me.

Then he called me his soulmate.

I was his destiny.

God had created us for each other. 

It was all a lie! And full of dozens of RED FLAGSI overruled. Today I never compromise anymore to get acceptance or love from another person.

I can now sniff out narcs rather quickly.

Unexpectedly, he told me things about his troubled life which he never had told anyone before. Well, how interesting those stories were. I received it all in a 15 pages word document, popping into my mailbox. It was only so he could rectify himself. It shocked me.

Reading it, I noticed not the many RED FLAGS! Yet it was all written in black & white. In my infatuation with him, once more I overruled all the RED FLAGS!

Backtracking my life with him turns up-side-down my stomach.

I no longer avoid situations in my life, however I confront them and let the chips fall where they may.

He told me that my ex-to-be was a deranged stalker on drugs. He spoke so ugly about my husband and said he was a:.

Pimp! – Fraud! – Thief! – Liar!

A psychopath that used me and sold my body to other men. Who was the psychopath? My husband or my new friend?

Some massive RED FLAGS and I overruled it and I shouldn’t have trusted my boyfriend’s lies. To the deepest in my soul, I knew my husband was not like that, so there were too manyRED FLAGS! 

Was my new boyfriend portraying himself?

I have learned how to hold myself back and no longer to please others.
  • My new boyfriend wanted to spend every minute of the day with me, so I thought it was the ultimate of happiness.
  • He manipulated me sexually and said it was the best sex he has had in forever and no one could please him as I could, so I believed him.
  • However, it was all a massive lie, and I overruled the many RED FLAGS by trusting him.
I finally grasped it how I no longer needed to prove myself to anyone.

I am dealing with my feelings healthily and learned how to value those I care about even more.

I no longer volunteer so much anymore to help people as much as I used to do.

It was always fine for my boyfriend, with me picking up the bills and paying for his entire lifestyle.RED FLAG. And why couldn’t I see it was all wrong with him?

I finally live my life on my own terms.

Once, I feared him, but no longer, so my life is on a perfect path now and I am free of my abusive boyfriend. In the long run, I learned what true love and life was about, and it was not with him, because it never was stable nor beautiful, and ultimately I saw all the RED FLAGS that I had overruled.

Therefore, I am no longer full of upset stomach feelings with his extreme highs and lows.


Author: M. L. Stark

My name is M. L. Stark, and I wrote the “Burning Desire - The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes” series based on experiences from my personal life. BURNING DESIRE, and BURNING DESIRE FADES knowing I’ve achieved the impossible; to write books about being a victim who survived the cruelty of abuse. Ending with one of Bob Marley’s quote: “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her.” You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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